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The Glyn Family
A very peaceful place, utterly beautiful gardens and surroundings. We loved being here with out two girls who adored the pool and the dogs. I cannot recommend this place enough.
What a fabulous place!
So perfectly formed and comfortable. Epic bed, shower & bath. The pool was crystal clear, warm & scented with jasmine flowers ... the perfect place to retreat to.
Nicky Berg
Fantastic stay as usual - great atmosphere, very friendly and relaxing. Very spacious and comfortable accommodation in The Barn. Thank you for a lovely few days of peace and quiet.... We will be back!
The Hayward Family
We loved returning to Fingals. It's the kind of spot you arrive at, and immediately begin to relax. Do not come to stay at Fingals if you are looking for a sterile, all-boxes-ticked very standard situation, that's not what you get here.
The Barrats
Fantastic location for an escape whilst still having good broadband access (as you can never escape quite as much as you should). Excellent quality grass tennis court and beautiful gardens.
The portmanteau 'chillax' must have originated here. It feels like you've been invited into someone's home and have been left to explore all the hidden nooks and crannies. Loved the authenticity of the old rugs and the creaky stairs.
The Halliwells
We had such a lovely time at Fingals, someone commented that in all the many photos we all looked so happy-quite something with that age range! We hope to see you next year!
Jenni & Anthony
There's no doubt that a week at this wonderful place is equal to at least a fortnight in virtual time. The ethos of this little spot of paradise is spot on! It's perfect here!
Roger & Alison Cooke
A perfect retreat from the tumult of modern life.
Ed Owen
So chilled, so beautiful, so welcoming, impossible to think we won't be back.
Martin Hoffman
For me Fingals is a sanctuary from the pluck and knock of the outside world. I think it is where the gods would relax when they got fed up with the manna on Mount Olympus!
Antonia Fraser
A Magic Place
Guy and Claire
One degree south of Heaven!
Lucas age 7 and three quarters
The holiday at Fingals is the best holiday in my LIFE!
Georgina Banks
Absolutely Spot On! Thank You!
Jessica & Pablo Uribe
Another lovely visit and completely enchanted by The Folly, we shall definitely be back soon.
Juliet Campbell Clause
We adored the Barn, it was absolutely perfect for us all, and so much so, we are already scheming another visit soon! Everything couldn't have been more relaxed and super.
Angela Neustatter
For my money (and actually it's very reasonable) Fingal's is heaven on earth and if you want a taste of glorious bohemian indulgence get booking!
Alison Field
You never forget a visit to Fingals - it's heaven on earth especially when the sun shines on the gorgeous garden. A really unique place and smashing hosts!
Bel Mooney
We LOVE FIngals!
Beautiful Folly
"What a complete treat to spend the week in the beautiful Folly - we shall miss the babbling stream, the beautiful views, the record player and the wonderful atmosphere." Harry & Shaun Flanagan
Cycling around Devon
Fingals the place you cannot leave without feeling replenished, enriched and with a new spirit of English hospitality and friendship" Rolf Engen
Davina McCall
I always hate leaving, but I always know I'll be back! I love you guys.....big time
Clare & Andy Patterson
One of the most special places in the world, every second spent at Fingals is a joy.
Rhianwen, Tom, Osian and Inigo Guthrie
We have, like so many others before us, fallen in love with your beautiful Fingals. We very much hope to return, if not this year then next, and feel extremely lucky to have found you."
Lara Fry
A wonderful stay! Thanks so much for opening your home. The Folly brought smiles on a daily basis as one found it 'winking' at us always. The ducks were an added bonus!
Nancy and Megan
A wonderfully whimsical place - wish we could stay for a month or two.
James Ballantyne
A fantastic paradise of a hide-out (because the real world will never find you here).
Tripadvisor Review
You got me under your skin! The way that Richard has put the place together is fantastic. Sort of fearless.
Tripadvisor Review
Raise your glasses to Fingals! It is a style all of its own, it is unique and I am so glad we found it.
Tripadvisor Review
Uniquely original........Fingals is a little piece of heaven on earth.
Tripadvisor Review
We have, like so many others before us, fallen in love with beautiful Fingals. This place is full of soul and you'd have to be mad not to love it.
Phillipe Sands
Always Perfect. We love Fingals, the place is magic.......
Guest Book
This is the most difficult place to find but once found equally difficult to leave.


The Guardian
The effect is a profound, enveloping sense of calm.... I love the place
Sally Shalam
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Secret place to stay... Richard Johnston combines a rare laissez-faire style with a passionate commitment to doing things well
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